About Us

Our company

Welcome to Barismil leather online store. A reputed name in handmade leather production of shoes, boots, bags, wallets and accessories for men and women. Barismil was established by late Mr. Barkat Deen in 1938. Barismil has proven itself by providing quality products and excellent customer service. Barismil specializes in handmade leather shoes, boots, bags, wallets and accessories. Custom order service and ready to wear collection of premium quality leather products are specialty of Barismil. We have team of highly skillful craftsmen who crafts these products using old artisan techniques. Shoe making takes days of human work of obsessive attention to quality and finish. All our shoes are totally hand lasted, a painstaking process that only few and exclusive shoe makers now use. The immense human engagement in producing these products make each and every product at Barismil unique with enduring value. At Barismil each product has a story to tell so go ahead and enjoy as product speaks something about the hands making it.

Barismil takes pride in its work and stand behind its products. We are third generation family business and handcrafts limited number of products. With main single outlet in Islamabad, Pakistan and online presence around the world; Barismil is committed to provide its prestigious customers with excellent customer service and high quality leather products on a reasonable price.  

The Name

The name 'Barismil' came from two names. The first part of Barismil comes from Barkat (the founder of this business) and second part is taken from Ismail (the founder's son). 

Our team

Executives:  Mr. Ismail, Mr. Tahir, Mr. Sultan and Mr. Khizer

Our brands

Barismil as a parent brand has several sub brands including:

Saltoro for ready to wear footwear for men and women.

Todgator for baby and toddlers' footwear.